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Twitter Page Marketing and Creation

 is a different kind of social media platform, specialising solely in microblogging, but having an enormous reach into people’s everyday lives and an incredibly high level of social loyalty. Taking into account the volume of people utilising this social media website every single day (Twitter in December 2010 reported over 190 million users sending out 65 million tweets every day) then it very quickly becomes apparent that this channel is one which can send a serious amount ofbusiness to your website if it is leveraged in the right way.

Our Twitter profile service starts out by registering you on the platform (if you haven’t already) and ensuring that your brand name is protected. If another user has already registered your brand identity and has no legal reason to have done so, we can also contact Twitter to go about the process of reclaiming this name (this does take a couple of months but is well worth it to discourage “cybersquatting” or brand hijacking). Once registered we will then ensure your profile page matches your corporate identity – in terms of colour scheme, logo upload etc, and that your profile information gives as much information about you as possible.

Once established, we will then start the process of tweeting on your behalf, with information that is interesting to your end users and that will encourage participation in terms of click throughs to your website or blog. We use special urls to allow us to add as much content as possible to your tweets (Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters), and also allow us to track the effectiveness of every single Twitter post as well as adding value to your overall search engine optimisation campaign.

The twitter platform is very different to other social media properties, as by and large communities like Facebook rely on community interaction with the site as a whole rather than with individuals within the site. If you think of Facebook, people will spend a lot of time on the site in any one session, but this time will be split between status updates, interaction with other status updates, page activity, Facebook apps and games. Twitter has none of these distractions, it is a very straight forward and simple offering. People post their thoughts, news and events in simple one sentence statements, and any replies have to follow the same format. This in some ways restricts the conversation flow, but in other ways is incredibly liberating as it means in a time when everybody’s time is incredibly pressured, you can get a snapshot into peoples lives and business activity very quickly and easily. If you wish to act upon the information, clicking a link takes you to a page which is more in depth on the subject. This immediacy is both the strong and weak point of Twitter, but our marketing strategy allows your business to fully focus on the positive and leverage the power of this platform.

So, once we have established your Twitter profile and begun tweeting on your behalf, we then set about finding you a network of followers – your voice needs to be heard! To begin with we will use cross pollination from your other social network platforms, getting each of them to link to your Twitter profile and in turn tweeting links to your other social media pages. This will encourage a core group of users to become involved. From this point on we will find people who are tweeting on topics related to your business and start following their comments. These twitter users will see the relevance of your tweets and quite likely then begin to follow your conversations. This forced organic growth will quickly expand your network and allow you to create a Twitter user base that is then an extremely valuable marketing source.

Twitter uses tend to be much more responsive than users of other social platforms, and marketing on this channel does not carry the long term SEO benefit of say Facebook marketing or YouTube marketing, but because of the high turnover of the comments, it is a fantastic way of announcing new content to the search engines and getting your pages indexed quickly. Whenever you have a new products, web page or service to offer, or a new blog post, we will be sure to publish this update into your Twitter stream. Your twitter tribe will see this, and a large portion of them will click through to your content, meaning that within a few minutes of publishing a new page you will find it both indexed in the search results and that users have begun taking action based upon its content.

Your twitter profile is also a good way of establishing credibility for your business; a large group of followers will be seen by new visitors and browsers as a good indicator of social proof. Social proof is important because if someone finds a new website and notices that the site has no interaction, 12 followers on twitter, and low numbers of followers on other social media, then they are going to make the assumption that the social interaction has died, which does not bode well when considering the level of customer service and after sales care they might receive. An active social profile and easily accessible people within a company means that follow up contact and customer care are demonstrated and also acted upon. If this new user instead sees that there are thousands of followers, and active social involvement, then they will be more inclined to become involved with yoru organisation, investing the time to contact you or to buy your products or services. If you compared two identical websites, the first has 15 followers, and the second has 4,000 twitter followers, before you even look any deeper, subconsciously you have decided that the one with the bigger twitter tribe is more popular, and hence more worthy of your time. The fact that the two websites were identical is irrelevant, as your perception is altered by the amount of your peers who have “voted” for the second site.

Getting Twitter Followers

We use a combination of techniques to attract your twitter audience. Firstly, as mentioned above the simplest method is to identify users discussing subjects that are relevant to your industry (for example if you sell designer dresses as worn by celebrity A, searching twitter for users who mentioned celebrity A’s clothing would be worthy targets). We then follow their tweets and generally in short periods of time they will begin to see you as someone of value, and follow you back. We do this both manually and using some bespoke software we have created for the task. At every stage we are conscious that it is your business repetition we are promoting, so we only ever use ethical methods and take care not to upset other Twitter users. We also make sure we include a follow me or twitter bird style icon on your website or blog. This connects your other online properties with your Twitter profile, and helps to establish a whole community feel to your brand. The more involved your customers feel they are in your business, the more loyal to it they will become. We would also encourage you to include your Twitter link in as many other communication methods as you can, including in email signatures and on business stationary – let your customers find your Twitter page as easily as possible and they will organically grow your twitter crowd for you.

How often to post to Twitter

As with other social interaction tools, it is important that your Twitter updates are regular. Whether you tweet hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly, stick to a pattern that your users will begin to recognise. The odd tweet out of pattern wont hurt, but the worst type of Twitter account is one with 7 posts in a week then nothing for a year – this tells your customers you lose interest quickly and again is not a good message to be sending out. Our twitter posting service takes care of this on your behalf and ensures that you are very regularly posting updates and responding to messages that your customers are sending to you.

Our Twitter Marketing Pricing

  1. Setup of Twitter profile including profile, logo upload, layout and imagery – £150
  2. Management of Twitter profile including twice per week updates (please keep us up to date with events in your organisation so we can use this to generate updates that will be of interest to your contacts) – £150 per calendar month
  3. Management of page including regular workday updates (Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays) – £400 per calendar month
  4. Network growth – advanced techniques to acquire more Twitter followers and generate a growing twitter tribe to ensure your tweets reach your intended audience – £150 per calendar month
  5. Fully social – our all inclusive package covering Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, and YouTube marketing with network growth and workday updates on all channels – £900 per calendar month
  6. Fully social contracted – if you agree to a 12 month contract of our Fully Social package and we will include your profile creation on all of the channels for free.

Please take the opportunity to get in touch with us to discuss how we can make your social media work for you and get your Twitter profile firing on all cylinders.