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FaceBook Page Marketing and Creation

Just in case you weren't fully aware of the full potential of this social networking leviathan, here are a few facts about Facebook which make Facebook marketing a complete no-brainer:

  • Facebook currently boasts over 500 million active members. If Facebook was a country, it would be the fourth most populated on earth.
  • More than 27 million users are registered in the UK – that's nearly 50% of the entire population of the country active on this single platform
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  • The average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events

 you extrapolate these facts to get a better understanding of the importance of Facebook marketing, look at it this way:

  1. 27 million UK users, half of which are active on any given day = 13.5 million active UK users per day.
  2. each of these users is involved in 80 pages, adding on average 1 every 5 days, so 1 in 5 of those active users will add a new page each and every day = 2.7million pages added every single day

In terms of volume, Facebook marketing has a much lower competition threshold than any searchengine, so by putting your business onto this platform not only do you build loyalty with your customers, you also have a higher chance of discovering new customers than targeting any other type of marketing.

Our approach to Facebook marketing

Facebook is a social platform. So to fully leverage the potential of this website, it is vital that the Facebook profile of your business (your facebook marketing profile) is a social place to be. Involving your customers and potential customers in your business, letting them know the latest news and events that are happening within your company and asking for their feedback and opinions to help shape the future of your business are sure fire ways of building brand loyalty and uncovering new customers for your business. We work with you to build your Facebook marketing campaign, to drive fans to your page and to get them spreading the word of your offerings to their network of, on average, 130 friends at a time. We then maximise this by keeping your page up to date with the latest information about your company and your products. All the time we are monitoring the success of your Facebook marketing and feeding these results through to your website and gaining the very best benefits for your overall search engine optimisation campaign.

Facebook marketing questions

Facebook users will come to your page and see everything from updates that we have posted on your behalf to comments and feedback from other visitors. As well as this they will be able to read information about your business and really get a feel for what your company is all about. In addition to this, people will be encourage to tag themselves as ‘fans’ of your page – this indicates that they like your page and spreads the word into their own personal network of contacts, allowing viral Facebook marketing to take hold.

Q: So how exactly does Facebook marketing help me?
A: Simple! By having us create your Facebook page, you are helping to enhance your business reputation and integrity. By creating more of a direct connection with your visitors, posting various updates and information regarding your site, or even special offers you are directly involving these customers in your business. Facebook marketing can also bring you additional exposure because people spend a lot of time on Facebook browsing, and in the course of doing so may very well stumble upon your page. However, we dont leave this to chance and use techniques (all fully ethical and above board) which encourage your fans to spread the news about your page and entice them to pass your news into their own network of friends and contacts. You can also advertise your page on your website and help retain your visitors long-term by establishing a direct link between your website and the FaceBook page.

Q: Why would I pay Move Fast Be Bold to create a Facebook marketing campaign for me?
A: Not everyone is comfortable with how Facebook page creation really works, and as it is your business reputation at stake it is vital that it is done right. It can also be a time consuming endeavor to get everything up and running. Finally, the most important thing, we will manage and protect your page. This means that we will be monitoring it on a regular basis and ensure that everything is running smoothly. In other words, we will ensure that your Facebook marketing presents a very professional and accurate representation of your business. We can also spice it up (by taking the information you give us and adding flare to it).

Q: So what’s included?
A: 1. Creation of your page. 2. Management of your page.
- This means that your page will be created and setup, and then managed over time to make sure everything remains up-to-date and stable.

Q: What information do we need to get started?
A: Website: Your URL!
Company Overview: Give us an idea of who you are and what you do.
Mission: What is the purpose of your business?
Products: List some of your products, if any.

Photos: We will work with you to select the imagery that best represents your business and portrays the best image for your target audience.
Summary: A brief introduction to your business.
Videos: if you already have videos then we can use them, or otherwise you can use our video creation service to make great quality content for your fan page.

Q: How much is this going to cost?
A: We offer fully transparent pricing packages for our Facebook marketing and a full range of options to ensure that it is the best fit for your business:

  1. Setup of company fan page including profile, location, opening hours, contact information, logo upload, layout, imagery and video content (if available) – £250
  2. Management of page including twice per week updates (please keep us up to date with events in your organisation so we can use this to generate updates that will be of interest to your fans) – £100 per calendar month
  3. Management of page including workday updates (Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays) – £450 per calendar month
  4. Fan procurement – techniques to acquire more followers and generate a word of mouth snowball to ensure your Facebook page is reaching its intended audience – £150 per calendar month
  5. Fully social – our all inclusive package covering FaceBook marketing, Twitter marketing, and YouTube marketing with follower procurement and workday updates on all channels – £900 per calendar month
  6. Fully social contracted – agree to a 12 month contract of our Fully Social package and we will include your profile creation on all of the channels for free.